giovedì 30 luglio 2015

Another great ride in Florence

Early morning, the sun is rising and the weather is perfect for a ride in the city before it become to crowdy.
Today two guys from Atlanta are joining me to pedal through the history of Florence.
Talking about Florentine stories and about riding make us forget about the time, so we climb to the top of S. Maria a Monte church without effort.
Here we take a breath in the shadow of the church and enjoy the amazing landscape.

mercoledì 8 luglio 2015

Maratona delle Dolomiti report

A few days in Trentino country to ride a road bicycle with friends joining the 2015 Maratona delle Dolomiti.
12000 brave riders on the world wide famous passes in Dolomiti, to ride 138 km and 4500 m of elevation...
Wonderful day...