lunedì 17 marzo 2014

Malmantile and Montelupo

A few pictures of landscapes in Montelupo and Malmantile.
Montelupo is a village between Vinci and Florence, is a famous place for ceramic art and leather goods.
Is a very cute little town in the country with no traffic. Here a beautyful bicycle road near to the river Pesa is a perfect way to cross the country.
Just a few miles from here, on the top of a little hill there is Malmantile, a very small village similar to a old castle with walls and big doors. It is a middle age village, and every summer here there are parades and games like in the middle age.
In this area a lot of agriturismos are the perfect choice to rest and have an excellent dinner after a great ride with us.

mercoledì 12 marzo 2014

Poggio Valicaia e Roveta

Just a few minutes from Florence, through Renai park and Cascine Park, we climbed a little green hill. The road is not steep, and bring us to S.Zenobi Church, a little romanic church in the middle of country.
Then road turn into a old track, 10 minutes pretty hard climb to Lebbiano and Poggio Valicaia, then a beautyful single track to Roveta.
Roveta is a thin village on the top of the hill, and from the top starts a lot of down hill single tracks...
One of this bring us out of woods, to a sweet olive grove...

sabato 8 marzo 2014

Impruneta S.Casciano Valigondoli tour

About 40 km on wonderful tracks in Chianti... Between olive trees and wineyards... On hills dominated from old castles like Gabbiano one...
This is the country of Chianti Classico, one of the best wines in the world, produced in this restricted area where wineries make wine whith tradition rules and love.

martedì 4 marzo 2014

Unexpected Chianti

A trail in the woods on a steep hill, where is? May be Alps? No, is in Chianti, close to Impruneta, a very cute village famous for wine, oil and for grape harvest parades.
Pine trees, groves, bushes, rocks, roots, streams... into the wild...

domenica 2 marzo 2014

Genuine organic snacks for riding days

During a long tour on your bike it's necessary have many little snacks to reload fuel for your engine...
After long time using commercial snacks, i was bored and i was looking for something healty, good tasting and easy to use...
One of my favorite are "bike weels".
Just mix organic butter, flour, brown sugar, eggs, and secrets ingredients like dry fruits... Try tibetan goji, is a wonderful fruit full of vitamins and anti-aging elements.
Make a roll, cut it in little "weels" and cook in hot oven...
Damn good, also when i don't ride!!

sabato 1 marzo 2014

Fiesole and south Mugello

A ring from Florence to Mugello, passing through Fiesole, on the same road of 2013 world championship.
Fiesole is a small but very old village, established before Florence, as a retirement village for old soldiers in middle age.
The city is placed on the top of a hill very close to Florence, so from the church square you can have a very beautiful view.
In the square there is a bronze statue of Garibaldi that meet the king after Italy unification, it is a very important thing in the history of Italy.
Mugello is a very green country, where there are many farms famous for milk, beef, and a kind of pasta named "tortelli" filled with potatoes, definitely a lovely place to ride and to have a lunch.

Have a good ride!