lunedì 28 luglio 2014

Conero, Recanati, Loreto tour

Conero country is a very singular place, where you can find sea, mountain, and hills in a few miles.
We started from Numana, a lovely little seaside village, to go in the back country, a wonderful hilly country with wineyards and fields.
Every up hill you complete you can enjoy a different landscape while you take a breath before get down.
We found also old cities like Recanati, that is the place where Giacomo Leopardi, one of the most important italian writers, lived in.
Loreto is another very popular spot, his church is magnificent, and landscape from it's square is incredible.
Finally we climbed monte Conero, a hill very close to sea, with spectacular cliffs and views.

martedì 22 luglio 2014

Gino Bartali celebration: Firenze - Modena

Firenze - Modena was the 11th stage of 1940's Giro d'Italia.
Europe was on the edge of a cliff, war was starting, and people in Italy was scared of it.
There was only a thing that could people forget troubles, it was the Giro d'Italia.
Gino Bartali, this year is 100 years birth anniversary, was the best rider in the group, and he had a mission, win Giro for second time.
He had a young rider in his team, a 20 year old guy, his name was Fausto Coppi.
During the second stage Bartali crashed because of a dog, he was injuried, but he never gave up.
He was late in chart, and help the young Coppi to win the Giro taking the pink shirt in the 11th stage Firenze - Modena.
Bartali finished his Giro 9th, 2 stages winner, growing his condition stage dy stage.
People said about Bartali: thousand devils inside.
He was not only a great rider, he was a better man, he was the champion, but couldn't win that time, so helped Coppi to win the Giro.
Today we celebrate Gino Bartali riding Firenze - Modena, with four riders from Australia, on a sunny saturday...
186 km, almost 4000 m. climbing....
and thousand devils inside to do it...

martedì 15 luglio 2014

Report: Dolomiti Superbike

A few days in north of Italy, in Pusteria valley, a heaven in the middle between sky and earth...
Very high peaks and huge mountains, sweet grasses, wild rivers and placeful lakes...
Everything is perfect here...
So you can ride a bike for 120 km in one day accross three big mountains without worrying or get too tired...
Dolomiti superbike is more than a race, is a travel that you can do in one day... It is an experience that you'll remember for all your life.
Look at theese pictures...

martedì 8 luglio 2014

Renaissance ring: Rufina - Monastero Incontro

Another beatifull stage of Renaissance ring, from Rufina to Monastero di San Francesco all'Incontro.
A beautiful trail that let you enjoi the Florence's landscape.

mercoledì 2 luglio 2014

Renaissance ring: Vaglia - Olmo

The second stage of the ring is on dirty roads and trails over monte Morello and Fiesole hills.
We find villages like Bivigliano, that are authentic diamonds on the crown around Florence.